vintage scissors

A lovely little present of vintage sewing scissors from the boy who went to help his mum at Spitalfields Antique Market yesterday. Feel very spoiled!



the finished product

So in the end the purse was surprisingly easy to make. It was, however, quite time consuming, and I did manage to get A LOT of glue EVERYWHERE, which took a long time to then clear up, but I don’t think the finished results look too bad!

I got the purse clasp and advice from U-Handbag if you’re tempted to give it a go. The leather is from a stall on brick lane and the lining from Liberty.

bags to do!

With a LONG list of possible projects to do I am half way through making myself a tote bag from “The Liberty Book of Home Sewing” (another lovely Birthday present). The lining is some amazing Liberty sale stuff I bought last year. Alas I am stuck with regards to handles, I may end up making my own… suggestions?

Also very excited as the purse frame I had ordered, arrived today. So I am going to attempt to make a matching purse using the comprehensive instructions on the U-Handbag blog. Wish me luck, as I’ll have updates for you ONLY if it works out well.

made-up bag

This was a little making project I did for a gift. I bought some soft leather from a little shop on Brick Lane, then there was this gorgeous fabric from the bargain bin in lovely Liberty, and a zip from John Lewis.

Having used the zip to work out the sizes I needed to make the purse I cut everything to size and after a bit of trial and error on the sewing machine, put together a raw edged make up bag. Not bad for a first attempt?

chapeau bleu

I just finished off this little piece for a wedding I’m off to at the weekend (photos, no doubt, to follow).

I blocked the felt and then very inexpertly sewed (and glued, shhhh) the inside and the hat elastic and then trimmed it with this felt bow, which was the length from the excess felt.

I just love the colour and shape, made from a hat block I was given as a Christmas present. This was the first time I’d tried it, but I think it will be definitely getting a lot more use!!

lovely liberty prints

So at the weekend I popped into the Liberty sale with Mama Agsieb. As usual we headed straight for haberdashery to start rifling through the one metre pieces. I picked up two great pieces, one you’ll see in a week or so in another project, but the first is this luscious print:

I decided I wanted to make a top from it but then worked out that using this free Burda pattern that I had enough material to make myself a dress. Here’s the results of my hard labour:

black marie skirt

I made this skirt last night (ok, I know you’re thinking what loser stays in on a Friday night, but i was out every other night this week so i get a bit of time off!)

The pattern is another BurdaStyle one but this time it’s free! It’s also pretty easy (although i think the sizing comes up a bit big – so make it a size smaller than you need).

The only things i changed was to give it a wider waistband and add pockets… personally i think EVERY item of clothing should have pockets, some days you just do not want to drag a handbag around with you.