I think it’s pretty safe to say that you all know I’m a massive nerd by now, which is why I have no qualms in saying I LOVE STAMPS. The Boy has an amazing collection from various car boot sales that, even though they are probably not worth much, are each beautiful in there own way. Here are some pretty pictures for your inspiration box.

stamps3stamps4 stamps2

glug london

On Wednesday night we took a work outing to the latest glug event. A good evening was had by all but i really think Anthony Burrill and Mr Bingo stole the show (and A LOT of laughs).

If you dont know who Anthony Burrill is you may know him from these well known woodblock posters:

The piece that really made me think however was ‘Oil & Water Do Not Mix’ printed using oil from the gulf of mexico spill the final prints look really impressive. Watch the video of how they did it here:

Mr Bingo, the well known illustrator/artist did an amazing talk about the internet and its amazing workings. So funny at times was it that it became hard to breathe from the laughing. If i see a video of it floating around the web I’ll be sure to post it for your amusement.