bank holiday brunches

I know I’m not great as a food critic because I always let the quality of my company affect the quality of my experience when dining out. So I have to apologise if my reviews are too chirpy. However here goes, the Agsieb guide to food and drink across the capital.


A little hop, skip and a jump up the road towards Aldgate East you’ll come across the new(ish)ly refurbished Whitechapel Gallery (incidentally their Dining Room is fantastic) and just next door the equally new(ish) Exmouth Coffee Company.

Normally I would be straight for the coffee but having already had 2 before lunch, I thought best not, however the yummy smell and piles of beans ready to roast (in house) gave me high hopes for next time.

Exmouth-Coffee-Company-2My veggie quiche and salad were an excellent combination and I will definitely be heading back again to sample the collection of pastries and cakes, which have good reviews from others online. The staff were friendly and efficient, and the open plan kitchen meant that you could see the chefs at work, something I always like. We also admired the decor, mostly the tiles, I just love these industrial type of beveled edged wall tile; something for my future kitchen I think!


All in all well worth a try if you’re in the area, I hope you can find as good quality company to share it with!


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