beautiful bicycles

Uh oh, we are officially a five bike household!! Considering there are only two of us and we live in a one bedroom flat in central London this is a bit excessive.

However its all for good reason, we are hoping to explore a little bit more of the UK on the latest 2 additions to the household, both vintage touring bikes.

I picked mine up last night, she’s a beauty, but she’s going to need a bit of work to be completely roadworthy. She’s got some beautiful lugwork (the metal bits that join the frame together – it’s all new to me too!) and a bit of online research has led us to believe she could be a 1976 Dawes Super Galaxy, I think its amazing that with a little TLC these older bikes are so well made they run as good as a much more expensive brand new bike.

Anyway I may keep you updated with a bit of a “before and after” if all turns out well. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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