The Tweed Run

What ho! Well, I have just had a fantastic day! I’ve been cycling London’s streets with an entourage of about 500 tweed clad riders. We’ve overtaken roads and parks and dined all day on tea and cakes. The best part of today’s Tweed Run was actually the response of the rest of the general public; pure delight, cameras out, waves and smiles! Shocking when you think that most Londoners are usually portrayed as a bunch of sour old grumps.

My dear friend Mr Lloyd Harding was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets from Mark Ames’ ibikelondon blog. So with two days to get tweeded up it was a case of raiding the wardrobe to get together an outfit. Fortunately I had just finished making this cape (photographed) and had some fabric left over to glue onto a hat I had already blocked.

It was great to cycle without so much worry of cars (as there were so many of us) a huge thanks to the organisers and marshalls of the day, who all did a fantastic job of getting us in order! There were a few familiar faces too, I manages to snap the lovely Erin O’Connor and the fabulous Susie Bubble of the blog StyleBubble.


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