it’s all about the bike

So I haven’t been blogging because I’ve had my nose in a book… well several books; “Game of Thrones” to start with, which after watching the Sky Atlantic series of I’ve become addicted. And then more recently, this:

“It’s All About the Bike” by Robert Penn. Now most people who know me will also know that while I love reading fiction, I tend to struggle with non-fiction, maybe it’s just the style of non-fiction writing, but I find it dull. I skip lines, my mind wanders and inevitably I give up.

“It’s All About the Bike” has been a different kettle of fish, I can’t put it down. Worse it’s made me start fantasising of a life without work, just a bike and a long ride across Europe (we’ll see if anything ever comes of that).  For anyone who likes to bike, I totally recommend giving this one a go, I’m only half way through and I’ve already learned so much!

You might not hear from me for a while,  I’ve got to finish reading this one!!


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