love is what you want

So mixed reviews after a few of us visited Tracey Emin’s current show at the Hayward Gallery, “Love is What You Want”.

On the one hand I think some of her work is clever and thought provoking, Her hand sewn, text based blankets started in response to someone asking her for her CV, and this is what she put forward.

I also really like some of the neon work (but I’m not sure if this is just because of my magpie-like love of all things bright and colourful). You can also see the study and the influence of great painters like Egon Schiele and Edward Munch (some of my favourite artists) on her painted and drawn works, but at the same time if I had to look at another drawing of her fanny I might have started pulling work off the walls to start burning.

I think at the end of the day the thing that bothers me about Emin’s work is that it all seems incredibly self absorbed, I can hear the Englishman in me saying “stop your bloody whingeing and get on with something useful”. It is because of this that I feel I can never really respond to the work, because it annoys me too much.

Each to their own, but I’m going to stick with my quote from yesterday…

Tracey Emin’s “Love is What You Want” is on at the Hayward Gallery, London, until the 29 August 2011, go and make up your own mind!


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