a grand day out

Had myself a little time off work the other day. The lovely Mrs S and I had a day out in town. We started by depositing overnight bags in the cloakroom at the National Gallery and a spot of tea in the tearooms there. I have to say I’ve always been more enamored by the building rather than the art there, with the exception of the impressionist and expressionist artwork, the rest is all a little too doom and gloom for my liking.

After a lot of coffee, tea, cake and lunch stops and a lot more money leaving my bank account than has in a long while, the day was complete.

My favourite shops of the day: Liberty’s (as always), Cos (a gorgeous black Japanese-style number that no doubt I’ll show you at some point) and Anthropologie, where the visual merchandising never fails to entice. Below is a shot of how they’ve used old plastic cups to transform a shelf, not to mention my favourite part of the store, a growing wall, how I want one of these in my house! Clearly the living wall was a theme of the day as we also saw these workman setting up “living art” in Trafalgar Square.


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