the balancing barn

This year I was lucky enough to have the chance to stay in The Balancing Barn. A concept by Living Architecture, they offer a chance to rent houses for a holiday designed by some of the most talented architects at work today, and set in some of the most stunning locations in Britain.

It was an amazing building in a beautiful setting, in summer with all the doors open  and the light coming through I imagine it’s even more stunning. The weirdest feelings were when you stood in the lounge and could see someone on the swing through the glass floor beneath you and the bouncing sensation if you were at the far end and someone ran down the corridor!

The reason I post it now is that The Balancing barn has just won a RIBA award, so guess the likelihood that I’ll be staying there again soon is pretty slim as i would imagine it’s about to book up big time. However it’s quite reasonable so if you want a staycation with a twist maybe think about renting it out if you get the chance…


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