paper-cutting for beginners

So back on the paper-cutting front, I said I’d let you know how this super-easy card making is done.

Firstly get your supplies; 2 pieces of thin, A5, different coloured card, a cutting mat, cutting knife, metal ruler (if you try cutting along a plastic one you’ll only succeed in cutting the ruler) a pencil and either some double sided tape or some pritt-stick.

The piece of card you’re using as the main outer of your card is the one you want first. Fold it in half and smooth the edge. With the pencil and ruler mark out a 1cm border around the inside of the front page. Within it is the area to do your design. In this example I’ve gone for simple lettering.

Don’t forget to do it backwards! If you don’t feel you can freehand, use the magic tracing technique you learned at primary school. Get an image you like and trace over it in pencil, turn it over onto the paper you want to transfer to, hold it still and scribble over the back of it, works a dream for outlines (the old tricks are the best)!

Now you want to cut out your letters, or image, the only thing you really need to remember is the the bits you want left in the picture have to be attached to the main frame of the card, so if you cut all the way round your “B” the inside arches will get lost. I’ve found there is no magic answer for how to best work it out, only simple trial and error.

Once you’ve cut out and are happy with your image you want to fold your second piece of coloured card and stick it into the outer piece. Then I like to neaten up the outside edges with the metal ruler and cutting knife. It really is that simple!

Here’s my finished card and another one to get you thinking of ideas (trees and birds are my favourite shapes!).

Experiment, use images from magazines instead of the inside piece of card, cut crazy shapes and have fun with it. MIND those fingers and always use a sharp blade, this will stop you from snagging the card.


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