diy letters

Happy Friday everyone! So how about a nice little diy for the weekend. This time it’s for those ever-so-fashionable cardboard letters, except when you make them yourself you get to chose whatever font you please. It’s a pretty easy diy, maybe a little fiddly in places.

Here’s what you’re going to need need:

Printer & paper for it
A glue stick
Masking tape (or sticky tape if you don’t have any – but it may make it harder to cover)
Some thick card (I’ve used 2mm thick grey board, as well as some thin card for the curves)
A pencil
Cutting knife
Cutting mat
Wallpaper paste (if you’ve got it – if not I just used PVA) and a brush
Paper to cover your letter (I’ve use parcel paper but go ahead and choose any colour you like!)

1. So first thing’s first, you’ve got to choose your letter. Open up Word and type in your letter, you want it pretty big, I’ve let mine fill up an entire A4 piece of paper. Choose the font you’d like your letter in. If they’re all a bit dull for your liking there are loads of free fonts to be downloaded online, try dafont (if you need to know how to load new fonts onto your machine find out here). If you don’t want to waste a load of printer ink you can go to format>font in the Word menu and switch it so it only colours the outline. Print out your letter.

Here’s a tip: Start with a nice chunky font to begin with, it makes it a lot easier.

2. Lightly glue your paper letter to your card so it doesn’t move about too much as you cut it.

3. Cut your letter out. You can then pull the paper off.

4. Take the letter you’ve just cut out, trace around it onto the card and cut out another copy of it.

5.&6. Next we want to start 3D-ifying it. Cut some strips of the grey board to the right lengths for your letter, I did mine a ruler width to make sure they were the same width each time. Then its a good idea to number which lengths go where, as they all start to look the same.

7. Use your tape to start sticking your letter together, with the strips sandwiched inside the cardboard letters. You can afford a little messiness, but any big lumps and bumps will show through the outer paper. It should now start to look like it’s coming together.

8. If you’re letter has any annoying curves, we cheat. Use your thin card to cut out a strip that’s slightly wider than your original width. This time it’s going to sit around the edge of the 2 cardboard letters, as below.

9. Curve your thin card round and stick it to the letter.

10. Once its all looking solid, get your wallpaper paste or PVA and paste it all over one side of your letter take your coating paper and cover the letter, smooth out all the air bumps. Once it’s dried a bit, cut the corners of your paper. For the curved edges make little snips as indicated.

11. Paste around the edges of your letter and neatly smooth down the edges of your paper. You may want to smooth down the edges with your fingers to get them really smooth. Leave it to dry a bit and repeat steps 10. and 11. for the other side.

12. Cut some paper strips to the same width of your ruler. Once again paste round the edges of your letter and smooth the paper strips around the edges, cut off the excess paper. Leave it to dry. As you can see below, I coated my “R” with PVA to give it a shiny effect but it’s entirely up to you. As some inspiration the right image is a letter littlest brother (although he’s not really so little anymore) made me for Christmas. You really can do whatever you want and the results are great. Enjoy!

As you know I’m pretty new to writing up diy posts, so if I’ve missed anything out, or you have any questions, let me know!


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