tetris land

I don’t play many computer games, in fact most of the computer games I play are old-fashioned games for my iPhone (scrabble, boggle, etc) but I am, and always will be a Tetris nerd. Once I start, I don’t stop for days (until i start to get the nightmares of Tetris blocks falling from the sky) my dad still seems to think he’s the Tetris king, but truth be told I took out his high score years ago 😉

You can imaging my joy on finding these seriously cool Tetris planters by designer Stéphanie Choplin. Crazy no one has yet snapped up her concept for mass production! I’d definitely be keen.

A quick Tetris themed internet search went on to reveal another gem; this furniture by designer Diego Silvério. Alas he’s based in Brazil so it looks like I’m going to be sending Boy on some woodworking courses!

And once my Tetris land is complete I think i will sit and have a cuppa, sweetened up with some of these sugar cubes. Concept by Danil Zdorov.

Game on!!


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