wonderful wedges

Now maybe some of you were thinking “what nice shoes” when i posted the pic of my new skirt (ok, probably none of you, but I like to pretend you were).

I got these fornarina wedges a few years ago and every time wedges are back “in” out they come, although not as often as I’d like as they are quite high and mean i can walk very far or fast.

So yay! once again wedges are back in. I’ve gone and picked a few of my favourites out there at the moment for a bit of inspiration…

1. H&M stripeys £24.99
2. Aldo wooden ice white £80.00
3. Chloe tanned leather £355.00
4. Jil Sander serious brights £305.00
5. Aldo towering tan and yellow £80.00
6. Clarks comfy sailor girl £54.99


One thought on “wonderful wedges

  1. Maman chérie

    Those wedges are so high!
    I love wedges too but wear them every summer regardless of trends – I’m a 70’s girl at heart and always will be. Can we have a picture of you in your big flares, wedges and colour statement top please? With 70’s hair too if you can!

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