beautiful bunting

Mama-Agsieb and I wanted to make our garden party look a little bit special, so we came up with this bunting diy, its really easy if you’ve got a bit of time on your hands and looks just like posh shop bought bunting (with the added bonus that you can just make it whatever colours you like!) go on give it a go!

List of materials
6 metres of plain webbing or ribbon
4 fat quarters of different fabrics
1 metre iron on interfacing
Sewing Machine!

Cut your fat quarters in half. Iron interfacing onto one half of each or your fabrics.

Work out the measurements for the most number of triangle flags you can get from each half a fat quarter. We worked out 7 (although this meant some of our pattern had to be upside down so as not to have any fabric wastage). Measure and cut a cardboard template to this size.

Lay your interfaced and non-interfaced fabric front sides facing. Place your cardboard template, draw and then cut round the triangles so that you have 7 interfaced triangles and 7 non interfaced from each fat quarter.

Step 4
Pin the interfaced triangles to the non-interfaced triangles.

Stitch the 2 long sides of each of your triangles, close to the edge. Then snip the point of your triangle off, close to the stitching (this makes it easier to fold inside out).

Turn the triangles inside out (we pushed the point out with a blunt pencil)

Fold the top edges of your triangle inside and then pin closed.

Iron your triangles flat.

From your total 28 triangles decide on the order you want them in. You then need to calculate the spacing for your triangles.

First leave around 50 cm at each end of your ribbon to tie up the bunting, the remaining length for us was 5 metres. Then measure the average width of your triangles, multiply this by the total number of triangles. Subtract this figure from the 5metres (or whatever your length is) of remaining ribbon. The figure you have needs to be divided by 1 less that your total number of triangles (so for us 27). Measure and cut a piece of card to this final figure (ours was 6cm). Pin the spaced triangles onto the ribbon.

Sew all the triangles onto the ribbon with a single running stitch.

Hang your bunting and party!


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