attic finds

You will be horrified to know that I spent the most beautiful weekend of the year so far clearing out my mother’s attic. Every school exercise book I’ve ever used, hoards of children’s clothes and books, old chairs, dusty crockery, all sorts were up there. Two thirds of what was stored up there went to the car boot, the charity shop or in the recycling BUT there were a few gems.

This 1930’s french theatre programme was one of them. For some unknown reason it’s managed to survive in mint condition and the imagery is just fantastic.

I really love the shapes of the hats (although maybe I’m a bit biased on this account) and the absolute glamour of the leading ladies. The whole programme really gives a feel for Paris in the 30’s, this thriving metropolitan city, incredibly stylish (for the chosen few) rich lifestyle. The adverts, written in a mix of French and English for the best dressmakers and hairstylists, trips to the United States and Canada with Cunard and White Star Liners, as well as cigarette merchants.


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