magpie baby

Anyone who knows me also knows that I have an obsession with magpies. I know they’re not considered the prettiest of bird but I just love the way they hold themselves to attention and the contrast of their black and white feathers.

My boyfriend and I have a pair that live on our roof and so every morning anyone who could would hear one of us calling “hello mr magpie, how’s your lady wife today”.

For Christmas my lovely family clubbed together to buy me this awesome print by Richard Ardagh and New North Press. It’s huge and looks great on the wall of my flat. (I got mine framed from the guys at Nelly Duff on Columbia Road)

In fact this print is what made me want to give lino cutting a go.

Also in my magpie collection are these AMAZING earrings and necklace from Tatty Devine (call me a big kid but its my favourite jewellery shop and I’m well on the way to owning everything they make!)


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